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  • Дуже цікава і насичена лекція. Планую і собі на осінь 2018 посадити пробну партію горіхів. Почнемо з 10-12 сот.

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  • Гість (Jordan Belfort)

    It is a smart thought to plant in any event two trees to guarantee great organic product generation. Almond: Must be cross pollinated by another assortment. Dark Walnut: Self-fruitful yet regularly the dust isn't shed when shame is responsive Write My Assignment - DoMyAssignmentForMe.

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  • Гість (Mass Texting Service)

    A Mass Texting Service allows businesses or organizations to send a single text messages to unlimited receivers at the same time. These messages usually include notifications, alerts, OTPs upon signups or registrations and digital receipts to customers.

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