MEDA is a global economic development organization that engages thousands of supporters from across Canada, the United States and Europe. Our supporters include business people and many others who identify with our mission, values and programs.

We firmly believe that unleashing entrepreneurship is the best way to alleviate poverty. We believe that we are called to live our faith values in our own work settings and to create sustainable solutions to poverty throughout the world.

MEDA affirms that all people are called to use their resources to help others, no matter where they work or what they do.  We also affirm that business is a special calling from God — the creation of employment and beneficial products is part of God's work in the world. We invite people who share these values to join us in "connecting faith and work in a needy world."

MEDA engages its supporters through products and events such as:

MEDA supporters may choose to be voting members of MEDA. MEDA is incorporated as a non-profit association and its members of record form the core ownership of MEDA. The members present at the annual general meeting elect the Board of Directors and vote on all other matters presented. There are no financial benefits of MEDA membership.

MEDA members are expected to provide an annual contribution to MEDA, to support MEDA’s mission and values, to be involved with MEDA events, as possible, and to attend, if possible, the annual general meeting of MEDA during the annual convention.

Our hope is that MEDA supporters will increase their engagement with MEDA. For some, that will include voting membership. For others, it will mean contributing to a MEDA project that catches their special interest. For still others it will mean getting involved with a local MEDA chapter, a MEDA convention or a MEDA tour.