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Овочі закритого ґрунту: від посіву до збирання
Серія відео-уроків присвячена практичній демонстрації всіх етапів вирощування овочів.
20 днів - 10 відеоуроків.
1 крутих спікерів-експертів
Starting 22 January 2021year!
Овочі закритого ґрунту: від посіву до збирання

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Calculator of mineral fertilizers }}
Calculator of mineral fertilizers

What is the cost of honey and other bee products? What is the profitability of honey business? When to plan to buy a new honey extractor? How much money do you need to accumulate to develop production? All these and many other questions will be answered by a calculator, the beekeeper only needs enter in the program all the data on costs and revenues.

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Agricultural sector support programs
Budget programs to support the agricultural sector are developed by the state precisely to help farmers. I encourage you to participate in all existing programs. And remember, "whoever doesn't knock on the door won't open it!"

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