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Fertilizers calculator

Would you like to use the data yourself? Obtained from agrochemical analysis of soil? What fertilizers and how much should be applied to your crop?

How to properly prepare a tank mix of selected fertilizers? When a plant needs the most fertilizers?

All these questions are answered by a mineral fertilizer calculator developed in the UHBDP project. You can now more accurately calculate the amount and timing of fertilizer application if c there is a need for them. The calculator will show whether you can mix the fertilizer you have chosen. Choose from your list culture, enter data for your plot and find out if your land needs extra feeding.

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Training video on working with a calculator

How to work with calculator?

1. Input data.

2. Calculations.

3. Results.

4. Mixing rules.

5. Approximate rates of inclusion in fertigation.

The calculator is in the testing stage, so all results follow considered as preliminary recommendations, not a final guide to action. Everyone who enjoys it the calculator is independently responsible for all decisions made on the basis of the received data. If is you notice an error, or want to get extended access, write to the project e-mail, indicating in the subject of the letter Fertilizer calculator.

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