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Successful business plan with business model CANVAS

The CANVAS business model is a great tool that allows you to describe your business on one page and identify weaknesses or growth points. Here is example in the production of raspberries.

Business model canvas

By filling out Canvas, you will look at your business directly and in a structured way. How the result, through CANVAS you will understand the value of your product for the customers you serve, sales and marketing channels, interaction with partners, sources of costs and how your company makes money. You can use the CANVAS Business Model to understand your own business model or model competitor! The authors and creators of the outline of the business model are Alexandre Osterwalder and Yves Pinier.

Using the sample in the image above, you can fill your own CANVAS.

To do this, save and print the structure at the link:

Business model CANVAS (option with tips)

Business model CANVAS (option without tips)

Not sure where to start? We invite you to watch short videos. We assure you that with their help you will create a successful business plan.

8 videos on the topic

  1. Creating value in the supply chain of fruits and vegetables - 17 minutes.
  2. Sales channels for fresh vegetables and fruits on specific - examples. Which your role: grow products or create a finished product. - 22 min.
  3. Customers and consumers. Why in fresh fruits and vegetables the client seldom happens consumer? - 24 minutes
  4. Relationships with customers and consumers - 36 minutes.
  5. Key activities. The main processes in the fruit and vegetable business - 32 minutes.
  6. Key resources. Key partners - 23 minutes
  7. Accounting for income and expenses - 15 minutes.
  8. How to form a business idea - 5 minutes.

8 videos on the topic