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Business calculator for beekeeper

Ukrainian fruit and vegetable business development project presented a new service for beekeepers - a business calculator for beekeepers.

What is the cost of honey and other bee products? What a profitability honey business? When to plan to buy a new honey extractor? How much money do you need to accumulate to develop production? All these and many other questions will be answered by a calculator, the beekeeper only needs to enter program all data on expenses and income.

Business calculator for beekeepers is a simple and affordable tool, the use of which does not require special training. The benefits of working with a business calculator are obvious. The beekeeper works, contributes to the program all income and expenses, and the calculator calculates the cost products, calculates the amount of profit, determines the level of profitability of production.

The calculator user tracks his business in dynamics, sees weak and strengths of your business, can analyze the results and respond in a timely manner to the situation, what arose. All data is archived in one place, information is not lost, systematized, in any moment you can quickly find the necessary materials.

With the help of a business calculator, you can calculate profitability in advance production of a product.

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We will remind, the Ukrainian project of business of development of fruit and vegetable growing is financed Ministry of International Affairs of Canada, co-financed and implemented by the Mennonite Association Economic Development (MEDA).