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UHBDP has provided its customers with a unique resource for Business Development - Calculator for Farmers . Berry and vegetable businessmen, mastering the new one program, contributed their income and expenses for several years and ... saw through.

The fact that raspberries are a more profitable berry, Olga Mizina & nbsp; - a farmer from Zaporozhye area engaged in growing different crops with partners & nbsp; - knew. But I had no idea how critical the situation is. By downloading all the data (costs and revenues) into a calculator designed With the Ukrainian project of business development of fruit and vegetable growing especially for small producers, Olga saw, what gooseberries, currants and grapes pull the business in the red and if the weather in the domestic fruit and vegetable market sales will not change, will have to take drastic measures.

"Scan" the business in a few hours, see its weak and strong parties, analyze opportunities and risks - all this can be done by a farmer with any level of training, taking advantage new development of the Project.

Ukrainian fruit and vegetable business development project in December 2016 presented to its customers, individual entrepreneurs, small and medium farmers, unique resource for business development - a calculator for farmers. This is the simplest and most affordable tool with which the child who is able to replace the whole analytical department, and to put an agricultural hobby on business rails.

The calculator was developed after five years of close cooperation with small and medium-sized producers, identifying and analyzing the main problems of farmers, which are more often noticeable only specialists on business development.

- Our project is interested in the business development of clients. This development we see not only in increasing yields and reducing costs, but also in getting farmers to understand the basics doing business, saw the strengths and weaknesses of their production, analyzed and adopted management solutions if necessary, - says the manager of gender programs and cooperative development programs Ukrainian project of business development of fruit and vegetable growing Oleksandra Harmash. - We often hear from farmers: the season is bad. Why? Maybe there is a profit, but lower than expected? Profits will not be high if volumes small production. Farmers can not explain in terms of business, what is bad, do not see the weak places that do not operate with basic concepts: profitability, cost.

What is a calculator? This is a program that contains a view error cells. All green cells - for storage, in a cell of other color the data is impossible. Calculators three sections: "Our business", "Needs of our families", "Comparison of needs with business opportunities". Calculator maybe analyze costs and revenues for 10 crops. To get the result, the name is entered into the cell costs, indicate their size, the time when they were made, as well as the amount of income, the time of its receipt, markets sales. After entering the data, the calculator immediately issues information about the cost of production, profitability production, income. The calculator also calculates the amount needed to put "in the box" for Prydannye technology, much, much more. Farmers are often repulsed by accounting for what it needs lead. Filling out the calculator does not require much effort, does not take much time. Moreover, this resource archives and Stores all data more securely than collar books, send, leaflets.

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- Small and medium farmers at the initial stage are not can, like large enterprises, afford to invite external experts to assess the state of the business, to make effective management decisions, and our basic resource moves gardeners to business level. Calculator for Farmers is a consulting company and analytical department on the farm to one person, - Alexander Garmash claims. - At school we were not taught financial education, and sometimes it seems that living in ignorance is better. But this is not the case.

The calculator allows you to determine the cost of production as early as possible, quickly analyze the results: costs, profits, profitability. Hence the ability to adjust actions next season, determine where to move.

The family of Shkryblyak farmers from Zaporizhia region growing lettuce and vegetables is engaged in the 4th year. Expenses and incomes were calculated, especially without going into details. From the new year in economy careful accounting thanks to a calculator for farmers. The cost structure is in the palm of your hand.

"A calculator is a great thing, the main thing is that people understand why this resource. Since the beginning of the year, mostly some expenses, but we saw how much we "eat" per week, and this the information shocked us, ”says Vitaliy Shkryblyak.

"Daily accounting shows whether we earn or not, the calculator helps understand whether to engage in the cultivation of a culture. Thinking about modernization, introduction of energy-saving technologies, ” adds Olga.

Nadiya Kompaniets is an experienced farmer who has been cultivating different crops for 25 years sat down Pokrovske of the Zaporozhye region. After getting acquainted with UHBDP, she started growing berries.

"I remember the first results were stunning, the calculator showed losses. When I mentioned that I didn't take into account the products stored in the warehouse, everything came together, "he shared. Nadiya Petrovna.

With the help of a calculator, Nadiya Kompaniets calculates profitability in advance growing new crops:

"I planned to plant strawberries, I know about the cost, indicated in the calculator the minimum harvest and the price of a berry and already I see that I will have from this site of the earth and whether it is necessary to be engaged in strawberries in general or it is more favorable to plant something else ".

Olga Mizina's family grows berries with her partners. 4 hectares of land, 4 families. For such an alliance in the calculator is a very convenient feature: the program allows you to divide the profits depending from share of investments. The calculator is also transparency of business that promotes construction of long-term, steady business relations. Berry businessmen, getting acquainted with the work of the calculator, made all the income and expenses for 5 years, took into account all kinds of work and even the cost of utilities and saw through. Learned that some crops did not need to be grown at all because they were unprofitable. Saw your mistakes, articles by which can reduce costs.

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“What are people usually guided by when choosing a culture? Everyone sits down, and I will plant! Calculator - the ability to see whether to start or it will be wasted time and thrown away money. I am delighted with this resource, the calculator warns against errors and saves ours money, ”says farmer Olga Mizina.

Farmer Olena Berezina believes that the calculator is a program that should be in every farmer, regardless of the size of his farm.

"The calculator allows you to track business in dynamics: How many there were expenses last year, how much this year, how much to plan for next season, ”says Olena Berezina.

With the help of the program, Elena found damage to the orchard and claims what not saw them, if not entered all the data in the program.

"In the process of economic calculations came to the conclusion that need not be afraid to go into product cooling projects to extend its implementation as well as receive organic certificate, grow more profitable crops. You can rent apricots for 5-10 UAH, and you can get certified, combine batches, beautifully pack and ship overseas, but issue with certification. We have an idea for the production of dried fruits, such products from an economic point of view more interesting. Assorted dried fruits, packed in beautiful bags, would be a popular and healthy snack for schoolchildren. There is also an idea to make fruit rolls with sesame seeds, sunflower kernels. The future of products from high added value, ”says Olena Berezina.

According to Oleksandra Garmash, Gender and Program Manager cooperative development of the Ukrainian fruit and vegetable business development project, the calculator is tool, which allows you to compete in grant competitions, projects & nbsp; and support programs. Gaining skills maintenance accounting, the farmer clearly knows what he has and what he wants, can describe his business professionally - in numbers. And that a clear advantage over those who just dream of improvement in general.

And another very important detail. Get a calculator for farmers will be able to each participant & nbsp; Ukrainian project of business development of fruit and vegetable growing. Become a customer Project is very simple - register on the Project website & nbsp; or call the contact center: 0 800 500 184 . All who apply through the site, experts The project will be advised on how to work with the calculator. Webinars and Skype meetings are planned for calculator users.

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