Honey to the door, with free delivery for pensioners

Наталя Рубан

This campaign was launched in April 2020 by the beekeepers of Kherson region; from which they got moral satisfaction and economic benefits.

The group of beekeepers in Kherson region, together with the public organization "Zemlya Tavrii" conducted a study and found out that pensioners bought the honey more often than others. But during quarantine, there is a restriction on movement, and people don’t visit public spaces, including the honey fairs, and older people have been cut out the access to some products.

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Horticulture 2020: value chains under COVID 19

Олександра Гармаш

Change of the business climate, both in the world and in Ukraine, affects all business no matter small or big. However, extreme changes - natural or economic - always have a more negative impact on certain categories of citizens. So, let's find out who may have the greatest losses among the fruit and vegetable producers from COVID-19, namely quarantine measures, and what can be done to help the most vulnerable categories. 

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